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Asahi Nordic Health Exercise Method is a proud bearer of the Finnish Service Label, which guarantees that our method has been developed in Finland.

Asahi Nordic Method is a universal form of physical exercise that can be practiced by people of all ages and in all states of health. It is a very simple, but comprehensive and efficient exercise routine, which helps people improve their health and quality of life. 

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in addition to maintaining Finnish cultural heritage, FinnFest USA also showcases the latest innovations from Finland. Asahi Nordic has been presented at the last  four FinnFests and will be taking part in the Duluth FinnFest July 26-29, 2023.  Like all Finnish design, Asahi is made for modern people - simple, effective, down-to-earth and close to nature. Improve your health the Nordic Way!

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I am a 67-year-old male who has osteoarthritis in both hips and in the lower back as well as a hip injury from a skiing accident that has given me moderate levels of discomfort whenever partaking in moderate forms of exercise such as hiking, bike riding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.  Before I became aware of Asahi, I would find it easy to come up with an excuse not to exercise because of the discomfort associated with the afflictions above.  

Fortunately, I also knew that sitting around and not doing any physical activity, in the long run, would be far worse.  
In my pre-Asahi days, before starting any moderate physical activity, I would find it necessary to liberally apply CBD lotion to all the areas of my body that would hurt whenever I went hiking, bike riding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.  

Ever since I have become an Asahi practitioner, my osteoarthritis pain has completely disappeared and I no longer need to apply any CBD lotion anywhere.  Practicing Asahi truly is “Prevention without medication”.  It goes without saying that Asahi has improved both my physical and mental health.  Learning about Asahi, practicing Asahi, and teaching Asahi as a Level-B instructor locally has given me pleasure as a life-long learner and a sense of purpose in my retirement years.