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We are your Asahi Instructors in the US.

Are you curious about Asahi Nordic, the health practice originating from the happiest country in the world - Finland? It is meant for everyone, so if you are interested in trying out this wonderful practice, find your local instructor here.

Or, if you are interested in becoming an Asahi Instructor yourself, we have Asahi Trainers in the USA who can teach you how to become an instructor.

Trainers in United States

A 1 Trainers´ level
This level includes a training license to instruct new Asahi instructors in the USA. You can ask them about training for aspiring instructors.     

Debra Wahlberg
A1 Trainer,  Ironwood, MI,

Sue Schaefer
A 1 Trainer Milwaukee, WI

Carol Curtis
A 1 Trainer Savoy, IL

Donald Bode
A Level Instructor
Negaunee Township, MI

Asahi instructors in the United States

Are you interested in joining Beginners' classes for Asahi? Wondering how to practice Asahi and what health benefits it offers? Our highly skilled B-license instructors can organize demonstrations and  Asahi for Beginners' workshops in your area.

For more information, you can reach out to Margaret Vainio, Head Trainer for the US. Margaret is fluent in Finnish, English, and German and can be contacted at Start your Asahi journey today and experience the amazing health benefits it brings!


  • Linda Chamberlain, B-licence, Homer,


  • Robin Stice C-license, Pacifica,


  • Carol Curtis A1-license, Savoy, IL,  
  • Loba Chudak C-license, Champaign, IL,
  • Gina Consolino-Barsotti, B-license, Chicago,


  • Emily Cramer Hancock C-license, Indianapolis, IN, 


  • Margaret Hilton C-license, Bethesda, MD, 


  • Deb Cox C-license, Mecosta, MI (winters: Garden City Beach, SC)
  • Jill Stanley C-license, Davison, MI, 

UPPER MICHIGAN, Marquette area

  • Rachel Berglund B-license, Marquette, MI, 
  • Jill Bevins B-license, Big Bay, MI, 
  • Paul Blemberg C-license, Marquette, MI (Virginia) 
  • Donald Bode A-license, Negaunee Township, MI, 
  • Shelly Johnson C-license, Marquette, MI 
  • Marsha Lucas B-license, Marquette, MI, 
  • Emily Paavola B-license, Ishpeming, MI, 
  • Krystyna Rickauer C-license, Marquette, MI,
  • Diane Tschirgi C-license, Marquette, MI,

UPPER MICHIGAN,  Ironwood area

  • Britney Estela C-license, Ironwood, MI, 
  • Amber Hollenbeck C-license, Ironwood, MI, 
  • Naomi Kauppi, B-license, Bessemer, MI,
  • Debra Wahlberg A1-license, Ironwood, MI,


  • Gail Brecht, C-license, Pillager, MN,
  • Jaclyn Cook C-license, Duluth, MN,
  • Dawn Greenwald C-license, Oak Grove, MN, 
  • Meredith Henderson C-level, North Branch, MN (Yuma, Arizona) 
  • Julie Juntti C-license, Barnum, MN,
  • Mary Jurisson C-license, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, 
  • Daniel Lambert McKinley C-license, Minneapolis, MN,
  • Jan Luoto C-license, Sartell, MN,
  • Patricia Lyall C-license, Minneapolis, MN,
  • Cynthia Piirto, C-license, Duluth, MN,
  •  Jeff Sartain C-license, Minneapolis, MN, 
  • Mark Sedio C-license, Minneapolis, MN 
  • Jeanne Tonkin C-license, Duluth, MN,
  • Kelly Ulrick Blackledge C-license, Park Rapids, MN, 


  • Linda Elonen-Wright C-license, Cleveland Heights, OH,


  • Deb Bada C-license, Green Bay, WI,
  • Sharon Bertler C-license, Kronenwetter, WI, 
  • Peggy Bull C-license, Waukesha, WI, 
  • Kris Froemming C-license, Scandinavia, WI, 
  • Lisa Helstein C-license, Marshfield, WI,
  • Mary Langlie B-license, Madison, WI, 
  • Jean Manki C-license, Manitowish, WI,
  • Sue Schaefer A1-license, Milwaukee, WI, 
  • Mary Strautmann, C-license, Milwaukee, 
  • Courtney Anne Holcomb, C-license, Sheboygan, 
  • Sherry Oakes, B-license, Wausau, 
  • Karla Westcott, C-license, Wausau, 
  • Mikko Boris Zuchner, C-license, Wausau,

Current classes and upcoming teacher trainings in the US:


Are you interested in learning more? Do you want information on how you can start Asahi activities? Contact our head trainers, especially Margaret Vainio. She is responsible for operations in the USA.


If you need more information about Asahi, Asahi Nordic, instructors or our courses and classes, our Head Trainer Margaret Vainio,, is the person to contact for our US operations.

The headquarters of Asahi Nordic Institute is in Finland. For further details, please visit our Contact Page

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Asahi Nordic Institute Ltd

Asahi Nordic Institute Ltd. is a company that owns the Asahi Nordic system and all the trademarks. The partners are Ilpo Jalamo, Dr. Yrjö Mähönen, Risto Lehto,  Margaret Vainio and Maarit Lintukorpi , who are also Asahi Nordic's Head Instructors.

Top Rated Courses

Join our team of health exercise instructors! Asahi is a systematic health practice from the Nordic country, Finland, which is easy to do and has a lot of health benefits. 

Become an Asahi instructor

Our system has two levels. The C-level license is for new instructors. You can start this course with or without previous experience in Asahi. 

Classes for everyone

Join our classes and learn how to be healthy and happy like us Finns,  the happiest people in the world.