Dive deep into Asahi & learn from the people who practice it: in treatment of various health issues, as a mindfulness practice, for sports enthusiasts, as a portable practice while traveling...

Margaret Vainio

How an accidental introduction to Asahi radically improved Don Bode's health & wellbeing. Now Don is the 1st Asahi Activities Director in ...

Carol Curtis

Carol Curtis has been a body worker for years. Through Asahi she has been able to heal accommodations from injuries she has sustained.

Margaret Vainio

Debra Wahlberg has survived cancer 8 times. It is her mission to encourage other people with cancer to do Asahi. If she can, so can they!

Margaret Vainio

Sue Schaefer

Margaret Vainio

A personal interview with scientist Dr. Linda Chamberlain PhD MPH, who has found Asahi Nordic to counteract the stress of too much sitting.

Guest Writer

Our guest writer, B-level Asahi Nordic teacher, Pia Lönnqvist, is a snowbird spending summers in Helsinki and winters in Costa del Sol, ...

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