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Margaret Vainio

Sue Schaefer

Margaret Vainio

Debra Wahlberg has survived cancer 8 times. It is her mission to encourage other people with cancer to do Asahi. If she can, so can they!

Guest Writer

Our guest writer, B-level Asahi Nordic teacher, Pia Lönnqvist, is a snowbird spending summers in Helsinki and winters in Costa del Sol, ...

Margaret Vainio

A personal interview with scientist Dr. Linda Chamberlain PhD MPH, who has found Asahi Nordic to counteract the stress of too much sitting.

Margaret Vainio

Asahi Nordic provides the ideal choral warm-up, because it increases sensory awareness, social bonding, muscle strength, mental clarity & ...

Ilpo Jalamo

Ilpo Jalamo interviews a 7-yr-old and an 102-year-old to find out why and how they keep physically active.

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