Asahi Instructor Class Online - C-license

Asahi teacher class is for beginning instructors. After completing this class you will get a license to teach your own groups..

Course Summary

 Asahi C-level class is for new beginning Asahi teachers. You do not need any experIence in teaching any form of exercise. You can be a beginner who is interested in his/her own health. Or, you may be a professional in sports, physiotherapy, or in coaching people. You can use Asahi to enhance and broaden your existing expertise.
The C-level class has 6 parts you can complete online. After practicing online you will have an online meeting or if our local Asahi trainer is available you will have a meeting with him/her before becoming certified.

The course includes the first and second series of Asahi, the main principles of Asahi and some basic tips on how to start your own group.
After C-level certification you can begin your own Asahi groups.

After certifying you will have free access to our instructors' material library so you can refresh your skills. The head trainers´ are also available to answer questions and give you any support you need once you have completed the web class.

The C-level class is 12 hours in total.

Course Curriculum

Asahi Nordic Institute

Course Pricing

The instructor class

$395 USD

  • The instructor class includes the certification and the licence to teach Asahi

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