Coaching the Finnish Health Practice Asahi Nordic in Costa del Sol, Spain

Our guest writer, B-level Asahi Nordic teacher, Pia Lönnqvist, is a snowbird spending summers in Helsinki and winters in Costa del Sol, Spain.

I never imagined ten years ago while actively attending Asahi classes in the local gym center in Helsinki that one day I would coach my own classes, but life is full of surprises and bigger dreams often do come true!

I met Asahi Nordic head trainer Maarit Lintukorpi in September 2022 when she attended a health fair called ”Good Age” in Helsinki. She was there to introduce Asahi Nordic and its simple, but efficient exercise routine to larger audiences. She informed us that she would be in Fuengirola, Spain, in November 2022 to hold morning exercises for two weeks at the Paseo Maritimo, and that there would also be an opportunity to become an Asahi instructor. I knew immediately that this was my chance to become an Asahi Nordic instructor myself, and I was ready to sign up! Find out more about online Asahi teacher training for the US here and online training in English for Europe here. The live 2024 teacher trainings in Finnish are listed on the Asahi Nordic webpage calendar here.

I spend my winters here in Fuengirola with my husband who recently retired, and once I became a trained Asahi instructor I had a clear plan ready. Immediately after getting my C-license I started teaching Asahi in ”Parque de la Cantera” in Los Pacos, very close to our home, and I held Asahi classes twice a week the whole winter, apart from only a few weeks break whilst spending Christmas and New Year in Finland, my home country.

After an active Spring 2023 in Fuengirola, I returned to Helsinki for the summer and immediately started Asahi Nordic classes in Meilahti, where I live. I found a good location in the Meilahti Church, where there is a nice sports hall in the basement, and my classes were quite well attended from the start.

I knew that I would spend the winter time 2023-2024 here in Fuengirola, but did not know who would take care of my Meilahti group, and what would happen if I did not find any solution? Maarit Lintukorpi proposed that my Asahi instructor colleagues Kristiina Hohti and Sirkku Vaskimo could perhaps be able to take care of my group while I am in Spain. What a great solution! Two extremely experienced and devoted, highly skilled coaches! I was more than happy to let these two Asahi experts continue with my group, and I will be able to hold my classes in Fuengirola until it is time again to return to Helsinki to enjoy the coming summer in June 2024.

My ”Cantera group” has some special features, as people come and go here in Costa del Sol. One week there might be many younger people attending, another week much older people find their way to my classes in the park. This makes every lesson a nice new adventure, never knowing who might be attending this time or next week. If you are visiting Costa del Sol, you are welcome to join! You can find Pia's class schedule here.

I plan my classes carefully but there is always room for some inspiration and improvisation. If many new faces are around me, we concentrate on the basics and do Series 1. and 2. to get the Asahi basics clear. If the group consists of people who are regularly attending, then we might concentrate more on Series 3.

My classes are typically 45 minutes, which is a good length under the warm Andalucian morning sun. An Asahi exercise twice a week with a nice group of relaxed, motivated and happy people is the best thing one can wish for. Asahi exercises are gentle, slow and simply the best exercise choice for the rest of anyone’s life. If you have never tried Asahi, here is a 3-part video Asahi course you can try for free.

I hear wonderful, touching stories from my group members about the various health benefits they are receiving, and all stories make me smile. Asahi is the best practice for everyone’s well-being, and I am privileged to be able to coach Asahi among the people here in Costa del Sol.

Guest writer: Pia Lönnqvist, Helsinki, Finland/Fuengirola, Spain; B-license Asahi instructor and Asahi Instructor of the Year 2023

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