Become an Asahi instructor at the FinnFest in Duluth, MN
– the Finnish fitness program that cares for your body and mind. 

Asahi Nordic Health Exercise Method is a proud bearer of the Finnish Service Label, which guarantees that our method has been developed in Finland.

Become an Asahi Instructor at FinnFest 2024 at Duluth!

Complete the Asahi instructor training
July 24-25 from 9 am - 4 pm 
in the DECC Lobby & Gooseberry Room.
Take home a FinnFest "souvenir" that will benefit you & your community for years to come!

Asahi - an easily accessible way of improving your health! Asahi is a very simple, but comprehensive and efficient Finnish health exercise routine, which helps people improve their health and quality of life. Becoming a teacher has been designed to be practical, streamlined, functional & effective, like all Finnish design, because The Asahi Idea is to get as many people moving for their health as possible! Join us in our mission!

BEGINNING TEACHER TRAINING: No previous experience is necessary!

The 12-hr comprehensive teacher training program is a two-day course, which will be held Wed. July 24 & 25 from 9am -  4pm both days in the Gooseberry Room & Lobby at the DECC. For Wednesday we will order a catered box lunch à $15/person. On Thursday lunch will be available at the Market Place. Pre-course material will be sent upon registration.

Beginning Asahi Teacher Training includes:
* Learning Asahi Series 1
* Learning Asahi Series 2
* Learning Asahi Series 1 in a sitting position
* Becoming familiar with Asahi's basic principles, medical science, health benefits, development & background
* Getting tips for beginning teachers
* Presenting a short teaching practice
* A Beginning Teacher's License & a "Certified Asahi Instructor" logo

With the Beginning Certification you can start immediately leading regularly scheduled Asahi groups in your area, at your workplace, or for the members of an organization you belong to. You will rece

The training sessions at FinnFest alternate between simple, energizing practices of the 12 - movement series and concise, interesting lectures on the related subjects. Each student will have a chance to lead a short 7-min teaching demonstration on the second day. The teaching program concludes with participating in the open FinnFest Asahi Workshop from 2 - 4 pm, which will end with a small graduation & certification ceremony. (Asahi events continue throughout the FinnFest weekend, so plan to stay!) After completing the training you will gain access to an online library of resource teaching materials.

Register now to obtain pre-course materials so you can get acquainted with Asahi Series 1 & 2 in advance! ($395)

Sign up below:
ADVANCED TEACHER TRAINING: Requires Asahi Beginning teacher certification.

You can get Asahi Beginning Teaching Certification at the following live teacher trainings before FinnFest in Milwaukee, WI April 26-27 (contact:, Champaign, IL June 21-22 (, Marquette, MI July 12-13 (

Or, you can sign up for theonline beginning teacher's courseby June 15 and complete it before coming to FinnFest in July. Here's the link to the online training:

Advanced Asahi Teacher Training includes:
* Learning the 11 deeper principles behind Asahi & how to apply them to your practice & teaching
* Sharpening up Asahi Series 1 & 2
* Learning Asahi Series 3
* A sport science medical lecture about Asahi
* Learning to plan, advertize & conduct 2 - 4 hr. Intro-to Asahi workshops
* More tips for marketing & growing your teaching business
* An Advanced Teacher's license & use of the "Certified Asahi Instructor" logo

For those who have certified as beginning teacher trainers, here is the link to get more info about registering for advanced training at FinnFest.
Click the link below and request to be added to the advanced course now so you can get started with the pre-course materials:

EVERYONE CAN DO ASAHI – standing, sitting, even bedridden!

*  Those who have never exercised before
* Seniors, for balance and mobility
* Athletes, as a warmup or restorative practice
* Those in recovery from illness or injury
* Children, to improve concentration and agility
* Those who need a quick periodic break from computer work
* During pregnancy

Asahi is also safe for people with health issues:
* Joint replacements, osteoarthritis, arthritis
* Neck, shoulder, and back problems
* Respiratory ailments / Heart, circulatory problems
* Problems with balance
* Weight issues
* Performance anxiety / Depression
* Fibromyalgia / Parkinson’s / Alzheimer's


In 2004, four of Finland’s foremost martial arts teachers were concerned about injuries they and their students were experiencing. They decided to develop a method with the same health benefits as Eastern traditions, but without any health risks, any religious or cultural ceremony, any competition or martial aspect, and to create something that would be easy, inexpensive and accessible for all. The result was this streamlined mind-body practice Asahi, designed for the modern world. It was first developed as a morning exercise, and was named “Asahi,” which means “the rising sun” in Japanese. However, it is such an ingenious method, it works any time of the day. It’s also an abbreviation for: “A Simple And Healthy Idea” = ASAHI. Since one of the developers was a geriatric specialist and internist, he made sure everything about Asahi can be explained by modern medical science. The result is a fun, safe and simple way to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. More info at

I am a 68-year-old male who has osteoarthritis in both hips and in the lower back as well as a hip injury from a skiing accident that has given me moderate levels of discomfort whenever partaking in moderate forms of exercise such as hiking, bike riding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.  Before I became aware of Asahi, I would find it easy to come up with an excuse not to exercise because of the discomfort associated with the afflictions above.  

Fortunately, I also knew that sitting around and not doing any physical activity, in the long run, would be far worse.  
In my pre-Asahi days, before starting any moderate physical activity, I would find it necessary to liberally apply CBD lotion to all the areas of my body that would hurt whenever I went hiking, bike riding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.  

Ever since I have become an Asahi practitioner, my osteoarthritis pain has completely disappeared and I no longer need to apply any CBD lotion anywhere.  Practicing Asahi truly is “Prevention without medication”.  It goes without saying that Asahi has improved both my physical and mental health.  Learning about Asahi, practicing Asahi, and teaching Asahi as a B-Level instructor locally has given me pleasure as a life-long learner and a sense of purpose in my retirement years.

The Asahi student I am posing with in the photo is 100 years old! Now I am enrolled in the A1 teacher training program and was in Finland studying with the developers of Asahi!


Award-winning Asahi-book

Find out more about this revolutionary practice that anyone can benefit from.

This book  also includes ways to use the method as a means of self-care and rehabilitation. 

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Asahi Nordic Method: Your Path to Universal Well-being

Embrace simplicity with the Asahi Nordic Method, a user-friendly exercise routine that adapts to your unique needs. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or seeking a gentle approach to well-being, this method offers a universal solution. Join Asahi Nordic's training sessions to become an Asahi instructor or simply enjoy the positive impact of this fitness program. Embrace the opportunity to improve your well-being and everyday functional capacity. As the aging population seeks ways to maintain independence, Asahi emerges as a valuable tool for achieving a fulfilling elderly life.