Asahi Beginner's Class

Experience Asahi's health benefits by learning Asahi with Risto & Margaret, and get a bonus video: How to do Asahi sitting down.

Course Summary

Improve your balance and flexibility, calm your mind! Learn the first Asahi Nordic Series and some of the basic health benefits of Asahi.  After this beginner's course you will be able to practice independently or join an Asahi group in your area.  Sign up now!
PS: If there are no Asahi groups in your area yet, you can become certified as an Asahi C-level instructor and start your own group. We have online courses for that, as well:  More info here

Course Curriculum

Asahi Nordic Institute

Margaret Vainio

My goal is to help you feel healthier and happier - through breathing, movement, music and community. Asahi Nordic provides the perfect means for that.