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Have you been practicing Asahi regularly? Do you still remember the main principles of Asahi? It's time you took a refresher course!

Course Summary

it´s time to refresh your Asahi! Join us and order the Back to Asahi course for instructors. There is our latest material and videos how to get more advantage from Asahi. There is something old but a lot of new ideas. The Back to Asahi -course includes the series number one and two.

Course Curriculum

Asahi Nordic Institute

Ilpo Jalamo

Nordic Health Institute Ltd

Margaret Vainio

My goal is to help you feel healthier and happier - through breathing, movement, music and community. Asahi Nordic provides the perfect means for that. 

Course Pricing

Back to Asahi

$100 USD

  • The Asahi course for instructors. Refresh your memory and learn the new ideas of Asahi

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